10 Things Developers Do Except Code


programmerThis blog is all about being an IT consultant and software developer. It covers everything. Everything except code. So, what fills a developer’s day other than coding? Here is a list with work day stuffing.

1. Meet

A lot of time is spent in meetings. Many meetings are directly related to actual work. There are also project meetings, organizational meetings, customer meetings, and so on.

2. Communicate

Phone calls, instant messages, e-mail. I’ve even heard some people still see each other in person.

3. Read

Participating in a software development project usually means reading. A lot of reading: Documentation, specifications, manuals, books about development, test cases, reports. The list goes on.

4. Write

As if it wasn’t enough to write the code, you have to document it as well ;-)

5. Supplementary training

In-house training and external courses are necessary to keep on top of an ever changing industry.

6. Tutor

Teaching others, for example new team members and customers.

7. Presentations

Preparing and holding presentations for management, colleagues, customers.

8. Wait

Wait for code to compile. Wait for meetings to begin. Wait in line for the coffee machine. Wait, wait, wait.

9. Configuration management

Maybe you’re not involved in setting up servers, configuring version control etc., but you are often responsible for setting up your own environment.

10. Socialize

In Sweden it is called “fika”. I think they say “tea” in England. I’m talking about coffee breaks.

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